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Brand strategy

Project 1 – “A Sound Mind”


Choose or Create a Community/Group organization that targets a specific community within the United States of America and re-design or build a brand identity with logomark, tagline, poster design, and outdoor placement. 


“A Sound Mind.” is a fictitious professional, licensed, therapeutic community that centers the Black/Latinx LGBQTIA community and incorporates all genres of music as a form of – and an addition to – talk, behavioral, and group therapy.

Tagline & Poster Design
Outdoor placement

Project 2 – Kiehl’s


Group project:

To take one  of the oldest brands in America and diversify its marketing strategy to be more overtly inclusive of LGBTQIA, Black, Asian, Latinx, and other under marketed demographics.

We were to achieve this in a campaign consisting of (but not limited to) logo redesign, tagline creation, outdoor placement, social media video spot, and style guides


Andre, Anie, & Klever – I will be showcasing only those parts I either did myself or was heavily involved in.

new Logo & Tagline
Style Guide
:15 instagram spot

campaign Development

Project 1 – “PBS Re-brand”


Many younger people don’t know or understand what PBS does or stands for. They have far different relationships with PBS than those of us who are a little older.

Our objective is to make PBS relevant to a younger crowd in a 3 poster campaign/re-brand effort.


PBS is famous for it’s slogan, “For viewers like you”. I changed “you” to “ME” and applied it to modern, relevant, young celebrities who many wouldn’t normally associate with PBS. 

These are meant to be 11″x17″ posters

the wknd
andra day
Syd tha kid

Project 2 – “Tabasco Int’l”


Tabasco Sauce is a well-known, older brand that has not had a re-design in over 100 years. 

My objective was to re-design the primary packaging to market Tabasco to under-marketed demographics.


Market Tabasco in three international markets – South Africa, Mexico, and Itala

Actual Bottle
south Africa prototype
Mexico prototype
Italy prototype


Theme 1: Graffiti vs. Life

Theme 2: Man vs. Sky

Theme 3: Ghosts of Flatbush


Project 1 – “The Seven Year Itch”


Re-create :30 seconds of a classic Saul Bass title sequence! This was VERY challenging!

Saul Bass - The Seven Year Itch (1955)

Andre Jones - The Seven Year Itch Attempt (Fall 2021)

Project 2 – “Alka-Seltzer”


Take the audio from a classic tv commercial and animate a :30 second video from it!

Project 3 – “MTV Re-brand”


Make MTV relevant to a newer generation who did not experience MTV in the 80’s (when they actually showed music videos) with a :15 second stinger


Take original MTV theme music (“Man On The Moon”) and original MTV footage, seque to more recent music and videos’.

Tagline: “Still About The Music”

Storyboard ---

---> Video Spot


1st Half – “Man on the Moon” (Original MTV Music Theme)

2nd Half – “Urban Cowboy” by LibraClassic! (Andre Jones), courtesy of Zodiac Thump Music!


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