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(Andre Jones)

a little backstory…

So – first off – I am a Music Producer as well as DJ, and I started my own music label ( Libraclassic!, Zodiac Thump Music) in 2010. However, I knew I needed to establish a professional identity in order to stand out against competitors, but didn’t have the capital necessary to hire anyone to do any of this work.

Already being a “design thinker”, I drew on independent study as well as formal foundational training to create my own brand and identity.

Various peers in the music community were so impressed with my work that many would hire me to do social media campaigns, logo creation, and other design work for them as well.

This is how Zodiac Thump Designs officially became “a thing”. I am just as passionate about design as I am about music (well, almost, LOL). 

That’s it. That’s the bio.

the mission (and I choose to accept)

Zodiac Thump Designs (ZTD) is a freelance multi-media design and brand development business dedicated to creating laser-focused branding and marketing strategies as well as marketing assets that will create demonstrable value for businesses and brands.


I am not just an artist – I’m a designer. You want beautiful things to just look at? Go to a museum. You want someone who will communicate your brand’s message effectively and beautifully? That’s where I come in!

By using a wide variety of design skills, I will partner with you to communicate your brand’s identity effectively and professionally. I will help you create a solid marketing presence that rivals any major competitor. 


Campaign Development


Brand Strategy


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